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Book InquiryThe Secret Of Loving
Free Download – Not in print. Do you want to know how to have a permanent, loving relationship? One that is mature? Fulfilling? Dynamic? Creative? Joyful? Giving? You may be. . . married or single; young or old; male or female; Christian or non-Christian. You may have come from a loving family or from one that gave you deep wounds and broad scars. Whatever your situation, this book was written for you. It will change your thinking about yourself. . .about others. . .about relationships. . .about love. You will discover how to build into your life qualities that will produce a fulfilling love, marriage and sexual relationship. If you are married, find out why your marriage has certain conflicts and how you can overcome them. If you are single, find out when both you and a relationship are ripe for marriage. Evaluate your life and find out how you can experience a more intimate love relationship. 

Josh McDowell/Ahmed Deedat Debate Transcription
Online Transcript – August 1981 Durban, South Africa.  Was Christ Crucified? Debate between Josh McDowell and Ahmed Deedat, President of the Islamic Propagation Centre in Durban, South Africa.



Demons, Witches, and the Occult

Free Download – Not in print. Why are people so fascinated with the occult today? Demons, Witches, and the Occult clears up common misconceptions and exposes the real workings of the occult realm, including: popular witchcraft, parapsychology, astrology, the church of Satan, and demon possession. This book is the guide you need in order to be properly informed about the dangerous world of the occult. 

 Evidence Growth Guide
Free Download Part I – Uniqueness of Christianity
Free Download Part II – Exploring the Uniqueness of the Bible
Free Download Part III – Trustworthiness of the Bible – Not in print. Josh McDowell has created the Truth-Alive Series to help you grow more confident and spiritually mature. In this Evidence Growth Guide, Part I, you’ll discover the common misconceptions even Christians often have about their faith.  In Evidence Growth Guide, Part II, you’ll explore the unique characteristics of God’s written Word. In Evidence Growth Guide, Part III, you’ll discover the reason God and His Word can be trusted. 

Friend Of The Lonely Heart

Free Download – Not in print. Feelings of loneliness and boredom can be overwhelming and devastating but they don’t have to stay with you. You can overcome the loneliness of being rejected by someone. Josh McDowell and Norm Wakefield – both of whom have experienced the loneliness of a troubled life – provide you with practical proven advice that will enable you to break the loneliness cycle and put real meaning into your life. Friend of the Lonely Heart can help you – Uncover the reasons you feel lonely; Find a new sense of direction and real meaning in your life; Learn to turn your lonely feelings into feelings of joy and happiness; Discover how the true friend of the lonely heart can empower you to live an exciting, more fulfilled life. 


God’s Will, God’s Best

Free Download – Not in print. What are the desires of your heart? God has made a promise to “give you the desires of your heart” (Psalm 37:4). Do you know the real secret to happiness? Do you know how to fulfill the desires of your heart? Most of us have a need to love and be loved; to be surrounded by good friends; to experience closeness to God, to find a meaningful career and to live a life that truly matters. In God’s Will, God’s Best, you will learn that God wants you to not only achieve those things, He has a specific plan for you to experience each of them. You can also discover how to receive God’s promise to give you the desires of your heart. There is no catch – but there is a condition and it’s a condition that you can’t afford to miss!  

How To Help Your Child Say “No” To Sexual Pressure

Free Download – Not in print.  Whether your children are 7 or 19 they face tremendous pressure in today’s permissive society. In How to Help Your Child Say No to Sexual Pressure you will: Learn why your children feel such immense pressure to be sexually active; Examine how the media distorts their views on love and sex; Understand how to instill moral convictions within your children; Discover when to share the reasons to wait. Josh McDowell offers practical, usable insights to guide and equip you with practical “how to say no” principles for parents of teenagers. This realistic and sensitive, yet compelling book will help you instill within your children that waiting until marriage is the best choice they can make about sex.  

The Islam Debate

Free Download – Not in print. This is Josh McDowell’s research notes and transcript for his famous debate on Islam and Christianity with Ahmed Deedat. Christianity believes that Jesus was God’s Son, that He was crucified and that He was resurrected. Islam is committed to challenging the claims of Christianity. Christians believe that the case for the biblical gospel is the right one and we believe that the arguments put forth by Josh McDowell in The Islam Debate are the right ones and that he offered convincing proof that the case of Christianity is a sound one. 

Free Download – Not in print.  Josh addresses in detail the five major issues often posed by non-Christians of Christianity: The Authority of the Bible; Creation and Evolution; Israel, the Chosen People; The Church of Jesus Christ; and The End Times. Josh McDowell Answers Five Tough Questions provides some help in answering these difficult questions. The answers are relevant to today’s changing culture because they are rooted in God’s eternal truth, the Scriptures. 

Katie’s Adventure at Blueberry Pond
Free Download – Not in print.  Katie loves to play at Blueberry Pond. But why won’t her parents let her go to the pond without a grown-up? As Katie learns that her parents have a good reason for the rules they make, she also realizes that (as well as God) make rules because they love her. Katie’s story is an invitation to share the reasons for your family rules with your child. At the end of the story, you’ll find questions to help get the conversation started.

Moral Maze


Free Download – Not in print. This eight-week collegiate workbook will help you find your way through the moral maze that characterizes modern culture. You will discover the dangers and deficiencies of moral relativism, a 4-step process for making moral decisions, and how to stand for truth in your environment. 


New Friends, Good Friends?
Free Download – Not in print.  Sean would do almost anything to be liked by the other kids in class-especially by Mike and Blake. But he quickly learns that sometimes doing what makes the other kids like him can get him in serious trouble. Sean’s story will give you an opportunity to talk with your children about the ways God would have them be friends with their schoolmates-a stepping-stone to dealing with peer pressure as they reach their teens. You’ll find questions at the end of the story to help get the conversation started.

Pizza For Everyone
Free Download – Not in print.  Amy wants to be a soccer star more than anything. She’s sure all the kids would like here more if she won the big game. But is being a star as important as doing her best? It’s hard for Amy to understand that real love isn’t based on her performance – just as it’s hard for most children. Use this story as an opportunity to remind your child that oding his best is all you-and God-expect. At the end of the story, you’ll find questions to help you get the conversation started.

Reasons Skeptics Should Consider Christianity

Free Download – Not in print.  This book covers 50 reasons why Christianity is credible. The Bible claims to be more than just the greatest book ever written. It claims to be the very word of God – a revelation from God to man. Skeptics ask tough questions of Christians about the Bible and Jesus Christ – “Since Jesus was human, wasn’t he fallible?” “Is there evidence of instantaneous creation?” “Does the book of Genesis contain contradictory accounts of creation?” 


Resurrection Growth Guide

Free Download – Not in print. This is a 9 week small group study on the evidence for the authority of the Bible. There is overwhelming evidence in support of the historical reality and crucial truth of the resurrection of Jesus Christ! The Resurrection Growth Guide, along with the basic resource text, The Resurrection Factor, will confront you with the solid evidence that supports this historical event. You will find evidence that you can examine and understand so you can decide for yourself. 




Setting You Free To Make Right Choices


Free Download– Not in print. Setting You Free to Make Right Choices is an 8 week study filled with 35 daily activities to help junior and senior high youth make right moral choices, turning those choices into a lifelong habit. Young people will learn what God has to do with it and discover how knowing the truth sets them free to make right choices.  Leader’s Guide Free Download


Skeptics Who Demanded a Verdict

Free Download – Not in print.  Josh McDowell explores the fascinating lives of three men who were profoundly skeptical about Christianity yet somehow all were profoundly changed by it. Skeptics Who Demanded a Verdict recounts the intriguing stories of Chuck Colson, key figure in the Watergate scandal; C.S. Lewis, renowned British author and committed atheist; and a certain university student by the name of Josh McDowell, who at one time was himself deeply skeptical about religion. This book recounts the facts that each of these brilliant men discovered that led them to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

The Topsy-Turvy Kingdom
Free Download – Not in print.  Discover what happens when an entire kingdom decides wrong is right and one boy stand in its way. Josh and Dottie McDowell bring the “Right from Wrong” message to kids of all ages. Through fast-moving, delightful poetry, children learn the importance of standing strong for the truth. 


 Truth Matters

Free Download Work Book
Free Download Leaders Guide – Not in print.    Truth Matters for You and Tomorrow’s Generation is an adult workbook which provides you with everything needed to teach your young people how to make right moral choices based upon God and His Word as their absolute standard of right and wrong. You will discover in this eight-week study what has caused the decline of values in our culture, what truths are absolute and why, and how to instill in your children biblical values of honesty, love, and sexual purity. 

  Truth Works

Free Download Work Book for Older Children
E-mail to buy Work Book for Younger Children
Free Download Leaders Guide – Not in print.   Truth Works—Helping Children Make Right Choices is an eight-week workbook to empower children to form a habit of making right moral choices based upon a simple and fun 4-step process, using God’s Word as their absolute standard of right and wrong. It provides children a safe place to discuss the choices they make regarding cheating, lying, getting even, self-control, fairness, respecting others and pure thoughts.



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