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Co-Authored by Sayer Ji, founder of

by Sayer Ji, Founder

A layperson oriented book which helps you discover the method and mindset to not just prevent cancer or survive it, but to kill it. Step-by-step suggestions for those diagnosed with cancer who recognize that the medical approach is far from a foolproof plan to get well.

Learn critical nutrition, fitness and detoxification advice essential to confront any and all diseases in the modern”world.

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Un libro orientado para laicos y que los ayudará a descubrir el método y la forma de pensar para no sólo prevenir el cáncer o mantenerlo controlado, sino para acabar con él. Paso a paso se dan las sugerencias para las personas diagnosticadas con cáncer que reconocen que el enfoque médico está lejos de ser un plan infalible para curarse.